Carmelo Domenic Licciardello (born January 19, 1956) known by his stage name, Carman, is a contemporary Christian music artist and evangelist.
Carma was born in Trenton, New Jersey. As aq child he played drums in his mother’s band. Then as a teen he formed his own group. Around the age of 20, he moved to California.
While attending an Andrae Crouch concert, Carman became a born again Christian, and embraced evangelicalism. In 1980, he made a custom album tittled God’s Not Fiished with Me. The following year, he was invited by Bill Gaither to tour with The Bill Gaither Trio. After relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma, he reeased a moderately successful eponymous debut album (later issued as Some-o-Dat) in 1982 –which contained mostly novelty songs. Then with the release of the live album Sunday’s On The Way in 1983, began a string of CCM chart successes beginning with the title song. As he continued his musical career, Carman established the non-profit organization Carman Ministries. With the 1985 release of The Champion came his first number one song, of the same name. Another live album–Radically Saved– came in 1988. Then 1989 brought Carman his first number one album—Revival in the Land.

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