Welcome to RestorationWings Radio,

Your Home for Classic Christian Hits and God’s Word!

Music is one of the most powerful tools available to inspire the human heart and set it on a quest to find the truth. RestorationWings Radio is a classic Christian hits internet station committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world through Christian music and the Word of God, the Bible.

RestorationWings Radio began on December 11, 2009. Mike had been a radio announcer in secular radio for over 30 years. One night we were talking with our children and praying about the frustration of not walking our calling. The kids — Jason and Samantha (son and daughter-in-law) — saw the internet as a way to start our own radio station, something we had never thought of before. We all started to educate ourselves on the possibilities and procedures to make it a reality. So here we are, nine years later, thousands of hours of study, and several years of effort. It is our prayer that this radio station will minister to everyone who listens to it, exactly where and when you most need it; but most of all, that our listeners will be refreshed and renew their love for the Lord in the strongest way possible.

Welcome to RestorationWings Radio, your home for Classic Christian Hits and God’s word.

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